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Feldspar, a mossy golden green

"what I was aiming at was that mossy, shimmering golden green you see on an oil slick on water"

We recommend that Feldspar is always used with the Base Coat for Feldspar, also available via this website, click here to add to your order.

Paint The Town Green paint has an extremely low VOC Level.

As a result of this, not only are there no toxic fumes given off, but there is also no odour and, unlike with oil-based paints, they don’t yellow over time.

As all our paint is water-based and dries within an hour or two, rooms can be re-occupied as soon as we’ve packed up our brushes!

The colour you see on screen may vary depending on different monitor settings, so we'd be happy to send you our colour chart, which is painted with our actual paint.